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We are going through some tough times at Nokia and even in the community, but we must not forget our supporters and community starters.

This thread is specifically for supporting Sotiris and nothing else.

Thank you very much Sotiris, you are a warrior for the Linux/Open Source community and you will be dearly missed at Nokia.

You have this entire communities eternal respect for creating such amazing devices such as the N800, N810, N900, N950, and N9.

Please take this thread as a token of our gratitude to all of the hard work and effort you've done for us and all of the time you've spent for us.

We will never forget you or anything you have accomplished here.

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Arie summed up everything I wanted to say. My only hope is that your (and your team's) next venture will bring us something as amazing and as innovative as the current Maemo/MeeGo portfolio.

We salute you!
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And of course everyone involved in maemo and linux for nokia

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Thank you Sotiris and all Maemo team for what they created and for not giving up! We are loyal to the idea!

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Thanks and I'll be keeping an eye on your endeavors here:
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oh, i hope that #meego team from #nokia will make #tizen and other amazing open projects the best, like #meego on #n9

my post from tw.

good luck, Sotiris! thx for all what you and your team have done\!

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Many many thanks, really appreciate all the hard work !!!

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You and your team gave us so many good things, beyond Maemo/Meego. Good luck.

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Thank you to you and your team! Till this date I still see great potential inside Harmattan, but it's time for all of us to move on.

Wish your new adventure a successful one!

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Deep respects, actually I expected the product to be less polished , but I also expected it will deserve a longer future ... but it does exist and the community will not pass over it !

I wish I could be involved more into such projects ...

Hope to find newest place to be creative and have fun !
Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :

Upcoming contest:

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specc is the, troll ericsson

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