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Hi, I need a good screen protector, tempered glass if possible. Also a cover that covers the back of the phone including the keyboard. Can you help me? Thank you very much.
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My 1st N900 has a very good screen protector which will never be replaced (no scratches appear on the protector). I bought some Savvies screen protectors for my other phone & found that they are disposable, as sliding the stylus across it, produces scratches.

I wish I could find out what brand the 1st (long life) screen protector is. It would be more expensive than Savvies, but defiantly worthwhile. There are a lot of expensive ones on ebay, but it's difficult to choose as there are all these silly, gimmick buzz words on each listing.

The Otterbox is nice, although it seems to pull on the top & bottom edges of the screen's bezel, so with the case removed, the bezel bulges out & won't stay straight. I gave it to my brother to use since he's more likely to drop the phone.

Although less convenient, I now just only use a zip-up camera bag to protect my N900, for when I go out, which only keeps it secure when not in use. It called a Lowepro Ridge 20 & for me the blue & black models are a nice fit for the N900 (the red one is a bit tight). For most it's probably too fat to be kept in a pocket. It does have a neck strap & belt loop.
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Thank you very much, is there a case that sticks to the phone (like the Otterbox)? I can not find any that protects the keyboard and the back of the screen
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Originally Posted by mike727 View Post
...defiantly worthwhile.
I've been 'defiantly' () using Savvies for the past 6 years. Yes they are disposable and have to be replaced every six months but also dirt cheap. For next to nothing you get a pack of six that will last you three years.
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Regarding cut and size, you can not simply go by brand name of the foil!
The base material (made by savvies/3M/vikuity/Brotect) is supplied in bulk sizes to companies who then cut the ordered sizes on demand.
I helped to worked out a foil for Jolla C with and from the process i gather every foil cutting company has its own catalog of cut masks. Out of curiosity i ordered a Jolla C foil from every supplier online back then and ended up with additional 4 foils from 4 different companies with 2 different materials but 4 slightly different cut sizes.

To get the exact same foil size again, you would need to remember where you ordered last time.

reading mike727 post again, my answer is totally off... Going to leave this here anyway. No post before waking up... lol.

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