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Anyone tried this Patona battery?

Picked up my old N900 to have fun, but it seems and feels that the battery is not doing that well so have to buy a new one, just in case.
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Is it even possible to buy mugen covers from the official website anymore?
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ordered this boy bad, hopefully be here in a couple of days

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Is there any way to just hand edit the available battery capacity?
I have with the Pali new driver I no longer get a battery capacity for my phone. I can let the phone die then recharge and it is still stuck with an uncalibrated capacity and reporting weird numbers.

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Originally Posted by biketool View Post
Is there any way to just hand edit the available battery capacity?
No, there is no way to write arbitrary things to battery gauge chip. But, in your case, setting sysfs entry to ignore so-called design capacity could help. Check BME replacement thread for exact path of sysnode, I don't remember it right now.

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Hi there. Prior anything I wanted to thank you for your work and devotion for this device

Sure I'll be redundant, but I wanted to sort out this process clearly, because it's like... the 7th time I try to calibrate my battery and I'm constantly failing (= frustration)

1th) Going to 100%

I don't get why I need to use the charge*.sh script. I won't be bottered by bme until I wan't to reach EDV 1, won't I? And if it was for the lesser current, I could use another compatible charger, like a 750 mAh overnight, no?

2nd) Unplugging and discharging

This is the most time consuming part of the process. I should use some video with full brightness to make it quick, but I'm afraid that bme might shut down the phone before I reach a close level to 3248 mV. I've tried to stop bme using the command as root, but it always says:
stop: Job not changed: bme
I didn't find any man page for "stop" or "jobs". Is a "job" a process? I couldn't I find it with htop, only "hald-addon-bme", wich I think it's because it isn't running at all. I've installed the bme replacement that Pali made too.

The thing is...

3rd) Reaching EDV 1

Whenever I try to reach 3248mV with VDQ 1 and a really slow discharge rate (usually monitoring through ssh with bq27200 from around 3500mV and going down on an average current of 40mA) the phone shutdown somewhere beetwen 3350 and 3250. Oh, WHY? This is the most frustrating thing. And on top of it all I know I'm wearing out the battery with all this attempts

So, maybe I've not been able to correctly shut down bme, or is something else going on?
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Well... I made it.
Guess it took an 8th time to finally reach EDV 1. Now, after 2 calibrations and with bme replacement, I have some real measures of my battery charge

Thanks again people!
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Can we double the battery in other smartphone like samsung galaxy s3 that using Li-Po battery?
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jmo707 and others
Is there one location or wiki page with the correct way and any tricks to callibrate the battery? I managed to get my phone calibrated in 2-3 tries but it wastes time especially at the end were the GSM has to be off so an unexpected incoming call doesn't trigger an unwanted voltage drop shutdown.
My wife who could care less about absolutely correct BME readings was stuck using one of my backups after upgrading kernel and her backups were not usable. The time and many tries to get a calibration in addition to the 30 charges on a phone that is in daily use by a non-geek makes me wish I did not have to worry about calibration.

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what capacity charger should i get for a 1500 mah battery and what capacity charger is recomended for stock battery ?
what if i paste two 1500mah battreys ?

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