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Hi everyone! I received a GeminiPDA a few months ago and really enjoy it. I became nostalgic, the N900 form factor feels so good when it is in my hands, solid, well balanced, and still very comfortable.

I sincerely apologize if the question has been asked over and over and I am sure it has.

What is the latest available kernel for this rectangle, is the CSSU still maintained? Are the repos the same as they were?

I haven't done much other than use my N900 on occasion as a MP3 player/FM Transmitter device. If worthwhile, I'd like to squeeze more utility out of it aside from the remnants from when it was my daily driver.

I do have update prompts from old repos but hesitate to indulge because my device is stable. I'd would like to bring it to a more current state if still possible, I am not sure if it is worth the effort. This is still one of my favorite devices of all time, I don't mind using it as an FM transmitter but if I can still leverage (modern) utility I may decide to lose a few days of life. This device was so much fun back in the day!

Thanks for any and all information/suggestions.

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I did find a repo thread a few down, I guess I have that covered. What is the latest kernel? Looks like I'm still running Linux Kernel for Community SSU 2.6.28-10cssu3

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mine is TESTING 21.2011.38-1Tmaemo12 which i believe is the latest

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