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Now that the N950 has been officially announced to be not a commercially available device (dev kit only), many are frustrated and are hopping for a successor. So what this next device would ideally look like for you ?

* First absolute priority is of course the keyboard ! A high end keyboard like the E7 one but completely flat as on the N950.

* As the N9 is oriented for every days uses of non technically oriented peoples, the N950 successor must be clearly oriented for engineers that wants a tool to express there creativity. This means that it must have at least all the features of the N9 (e.g. AMOLED, MFC), not less.

* Consequently the device will be more big and probably consume more current. So it must uses a bigger battery that the N9, not smaller.

* The polycarbonate case seem to only have advantage over a aluminium one, so keep it.

* A lens able to capture clear marco image at 10 cm like the N900. This is extremely useful to shot visit card and documents for example.

* mini USB OTG that actually work and is able to power a external device. Lack of this has been a major disappointment of the N900. This OTG connector should be of the type mini USB, in addition of the required standard micro USB connector.

* A FM receiver and transmitted like in the N900, but with the addition of the DAB. In many place in Europe analog FM is actually replaced by DAB. It's strange to have a high end mobile communication device unable to receive something as simple as the radio.

* DVB-T receiver would be an incredible feature.

* A Micro SD card slot.

* A HDMI output, possibly via the micro USB connector using MHL.

* Next generation of processor (e.g. ARM Cortex-A9) only if this do not delay the device availability. The market is asking for it now ! Don't do again the mistake to delay it for 1 year.

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