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Got my Su-31 case today from Beach Audio found on Amazon. Damned if I know how to use it though. Three magnets and no instructions.
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See the Official Nokia Case thread it has pictures and other comments specific to the SU-31 which should give you more of an idea.

Basically, attach the thin metal plate to the back of the battery cover on your N800 and optionally use the remaining two fatter magets to secure your N800 to vertical panels such as a fridge door... mad if you ask me but those crazy Finns eh?
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So has anyone actually tried the PLTE-2 since the PLT-2 was discontinued. I see that it is a bit larger on the outside and the internal dimensions make it seem like the extra half inch in width could potentially be a problem. Based on the prev post, the fit seemed tight with PLT-2, but I really don't know how those clips have changed in size. If anyone can check this out that would be great. I like the HD case and the Otterbox, but it seems like for everyday use, this would be pretty nice. I would like to buy one in the next few weeks, so please, someone check this out if you have a chance (as will I if I can).

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