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I was not aware of the project. Cutespot is nice but an official application is welcome too.

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Well, Purism has raised nearly $1.8 million. With 6 days to go they will probably end up just shy of $2 million which is good and exceeds the original goal by approximately 20%. Just looking at the funding page it seems like Purism has to produce about 2500 Librum 5 phones by about or around Jan 2019. Do you think this is doable? How does the probability of Purism's successful delivery of the Librum 5 compare to the Jolla Tablet. Sadly, Jolla just fell short of being able to deliver tablet (except to a few folks).

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Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
Of those all in the list, the only thing I need is spotify, and guess what; cutespot works just perfect
cutespot is far from perfect also spotify has removed the binaries needed by cutespot. Not even sure the old so files provided will work on iMX6.
Go librem

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Originally Posted by mikecomputing View Post
I hajack your quiestion since I think it is interesting question...

I desperately need below apps if I want to replace my current phone with librem. The list shows that I can't fully replace. For me librem will be used as prof & concept and playing. Replacing main usage I doubt cause of.

I still don't understand why all these companies like Deutsche Bahn (here in Germany) don't invest in complete (content and functional) web pages at first place. A decent browser with HTML5 support would be needed and that's it. It doesn't have to be perfect but it would not exclude people from using "essential" services. An additional app is still fine but couldn't it be step #2...

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