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Originally Posted by Heik View Post
Did some testing with F5122:

2 SIMs and sd card in tray
-1st SIM and sdcard working
2 SIMs and sdcard in tray, but sdcard contacts covered by tape (carefully inserted to phone)
-both SIMs work, sdcard not work :-( :-)

Any comments?
Exactly the same behaviour confirmed in testing here.

2 SIMs and one μSD card were destroyed in the testing process.

OnePlus X would work this way though, 2(SIM) + μSD all functioning properly in Sailfish. That project however has not received the 2.1.1.x update though and it is unknown if kimmoli will return to it.

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Originally Posted by almaviva View Post
Thank you all for your thorough answers!

Short update: I opened a ticket, mentioned all the relevant posts in this forum and I got a rather quick "solution":
"Sorry for this limitation. It is not a bug but an unimplemented feature."
They refered me to this info:
Never mind : seems that the community is planning a new kernel spin.
With some chance that guy will use the slightly newer kernel, same as Android and the card will work.

Originally Posted by ajalkane View Post
I beg to differ.


Stumbling in darkness, opening lock screen, swiping left to reach events screen. Swipe down to reach the "shortcuts". Trying to hit with trembling finger the icon to activate flashlight.


Stumbling in darkness, opening lock screen, pull down to reveal the application shortcuts and releasing finger on Torchlight application.
Stumbling in the darkness, double tap on the screen, that's it.

(Not everyone uses a dark-themed ambiance ;-D )

Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
Only some OS'es have the bloody abomination that is systemd, of which journalctl is part of.
...but to my knowledge, all known instance of Sailfish OS use systemd.
There's no Devuan-based Sailfish OS clone, as far as I know.

Originally Posted by suicidal_orange View Post
but with the SD connected (no tape) the second sim gets disabled. Thus the problem seems to be in software...
Or a PCB traces problem ?

- e.g.: not enough power provided on the +V rail that is shared by the SD and SIM2 ?

(the solution would be to try to find a way to feed both electrically, or use some less power-hungry SD + SIM just to test if it works)

- e.g.: shared data lines between SIM and SD. If the chipset sees an SD card, it starts talking in "MMC" over the data lines and the SIM can't speak on the same bus ?

(In the later case, the solution would be even more complicated, like using a dual SIM adapter to connect both SIMs to slot 1, and have the slot2 only used by SD).

Originally Posted by ste-phan View Post
This next to the DRM keys that make sure original functionality can never be restored after re-flashing a once unlocked boot loader if you are not careful and make a backup of said keys etc...
For the record, FlashTool - the tools used to flash firmware version, that contains XperiFirm (so you can downgrade to Android 6.0.1 Mashmallow, or upgrade to the latest 34.3.A.0.228 or .38 Android 7.1.1 Mashmallow as required by Sailfish OS X), also contains - which will be able to recover the DRM keys out of a downgraded Xperia.

Advanced -> Trim Area -> RAW -> backup

Originally Posted by gaelic View Post
Does ist make sense (is it possible) to lock the bootloader again after flashing to get rid of the annoying message at startup?
Originally Posted by Dave999 View Post
think its a ugly message but it should be obvious I think. since the phone is not secure if you are planning to sell it.

Flashing the above TA backup, and flashing a Sony firmware will re-lock the boot loader, remove the screen, re-enable DRM and basically put the phone back in condition as it was purchased.

This should make it sellable or sendable back to warranty.

Originally Posted by acrux View Post
So no post-processing technique (either free or proprietary) can bring out the details that are missing in the original (eg blurry) raw image.
Post processing cannot bring back data that is lost : yes.


Post-processing can cheat a lot to make pictures *appearing* more sharp. ( which is more likely )

Post-processing can process the raw sensor data differently than how the RGB data is obtained (I don't know if Sony's official app uses RGB or Raw data).

And indeed as you mentioned : the Contrast detection autofocus implemented in the Sony official app could simply be better than the implementation used by Sailfish X / or in the camera driver / firmware (depending on how focus is implemented in Sailfish's camera app)

Originally Posted by jameson View Post
The one who invented the alternative SIM/SDcard slot should be fustigated.
I think Apple started the whole "Phone needs to be thin, and thus use weird contraption for their SIM" trend.

Common, if manufacturers didn't try to make phone so thin you could cut cheese with them, we could still have normally-sized SIMs and 3mm audio jacks, and all the current bells and whistles.

And it's stupid anyway, because nearly all users will stick the phone on a protective hard back-cover anyway (I think I'm one of the rare users that rely on a hard holster instead)

(And for the record, the only novelty in the "it's the excuse why the jack had to go" taptic engine is the linear motor.
High precision vibration control that can imitate diverse textures was already done in the Logitech iFeel series of mice, only their motor wasn't linear).

sailfish os, sony xperia x

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