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I've found that that happens to me, too. I have to reboot (or should I say turn my N900 off and then back on) before Firefox Mobile works.
Unfortunately it still does not work. It might be a conflict between Firefox and something else I installed. But I don't know what
I believe I will have to wait for the commercial version
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I've just tested the current version (tagged beta6).
I still feel it slow. The web page composition is too slow IMHO, it often displays me the checkerboard image while scrolling to much.
Now that Mozilla has a good javascript engine, they should focus on web page rendering and composition, as they still aren't as fast as the stock browser for that.
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Still bit too slow.
To me most important thing is that when I see half loaded page Im able to scroll immediately it not after 0,5-2s. Opera is just is amazingly fast when it comes to page loading time and scrolling speed and realtime page rendering speed. Additionally amazing thing is that it has been like that from start :| (~May 11, 2010)
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where to get it ?mates
is it there in any repository ?

browser, fennec

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