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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Unlocked Smartphone in Black. Quad-band Gsm, Tri-band Cdma. Tmobile 3g Compatiable.
Price: $679.95

In Stock.
Ships from and sold by MobileCityOnline.

is this the phone you're comparing it to? released in feb so 3 months difference in release dates

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Originally Posted by Spotfist View Post
I hope it keeps dropping as I don't wana have to fork out a fortune if I ever break my n900!!!

I don't see how this phone can be compared to the likes of the iphone or htc etc.

For someone who nows what they are doing this phone is... well it's the greatest! I wish pr1.2 would arrive bringing a bit more battery life maybe but even that aint a problem, a phone that I can check emails, check facebook, play day of the tentacle, a bit of quake3 and then listen to internet radio... honestly what more could a person want.

Bring on the price cuts I say, I want an n900 connected to my car as an onboard pc!
yeah.....the most hackable phone ever!

sells 400 USD (under a rebate though)
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N900: 1000/1150mhz; sampling_rate 15; up_threshold 150000;
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Is it only the economic value which is on the down side !... believe with the prolonged delay of support services, there is a chance that the utility value would also go down the same path
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I remember when the Dreamcast dropped to $50......after I bought a couple at $200. My $56,000 Audi is worth about $6,000 after 10 years....blasted technological advancements!!!!!! grrrr

I paid $561 for my N900 in Feb 2010 and $529 for my N82 in June 2008. No complaints here. Yay for technological advancemets.

See, price satisfaction is subjective to expectations and individual awareness of gain or loss.

Wait....what am I rambling about........
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Of course its getting cheaper, this thread is a total waste of time!
Ive never heard of a single piece of technology that didn't go down in price with age, if they didn't we'd all be paying thousands for a dvd player or lcd tv, its called progress, if you brought your n900 as an investment then you need your head looking at, if you want to make price comparisons then you need to use something released at the same time for a similar price.
Everyone knows (except op it seems) newer products cost more, you pay a premium to be among the first to have the newest technology!
My N900@1Ghz Rocks
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The sliding price of the n900 is something that has been brought up in the "for sale" threads several times, the price was holding up well until around the MeeGo announcement and then dropped like a stone. It's been sliding at a fairly rapid pace since but has picked up recently. A couple of weeks back they were selling on ebay for around 350, there's now a lot more of them listed for auction and they're now going regularly for around 265-280. The selling points is something I've been keeping an eye on myself from the release of the Desire, but it's now dropping to the point where it feels not worth selling it and more value to stick with it a few months until the next round of handsets come out. It can't drop a lot lower in that time... surely
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Its launched in Australia few days back and its not available anywhere all sold, wait for next batch.
Its a damn revolutionary phone. Why are you worried abt the price going down are you a seller

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Even value of my money getting lower and lower when I'm keeping it under my pillow.

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Originally Posted by Hynde View Post
Even value of my money getting lower and lower when I'm keeping it under my pillow.
There's only one solution for that: Use it to buy cocaine!
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I would suspect that the sliding Euro is a contributing factor. Suppose the n900 costs x Euros when it was released and the price in Euros is the same today. When the device was released (Nov. 19, 2009), 1 Euro = 1.4986 USD, so I would have to pay $1.49886x. Today, 1 Euro = 1.2182 USD, so I would have to pay $1.2182x.

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