Poll: How many all telephony functions disabled phones do you own?
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How many all telephony functions disabled phones do you own?

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In the end i used heat.
I wanted to know which chip cracks. So i first heated the gsm chip, which worked well, didnt destroy anything but didnt fixed the issue.
While heating gazoo i applied too much heat and air pressure blew away some parts. And some of them are really tiny.. At this point telephony function was gone for sure. From here on fun began, no half things.

At the start: i dont know some say it is related to pressure and bending. Some say it might be humidity and corrosion.
But gazoo seems to be a common error on other nokia phones too.

I seldom touch my phones with velvet gloves, too, but as i already said: no parcour here

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I think my problem started with several post-Scud double cells in a Mugen bulged back cover, They were too tight in the tall dimension especially since I would shim them to keep the connection tight as I would have random power loss from the slightest bumps. These power losses would also cause wear on the flash memory and weird logic faults like stuck KB LEDs. I am back to the stock back on my last N900.

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My beloved N900 suffered this issue and Android phones cannot satisfy me. Couldn't get it repaired from any service centre. Fixes suggested dint work. Anyone can fix mine,? I'm ready to ship it internationally to anyone who can fix it. Thanks.

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