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Telegram has been criticized for its encryption algorithms but it's not completely accurate that conversations are sent unencrypted. Client-server encryption is applied by default and end-to-end encryption is optionally enabled in secret chats, at least according to their FAQ. Also I never needed official Android client to register some months ago, I don't know if this is true now.
Signal on the other hand applies end-to-end encryption by default and its protocol is considered very good but its Android client depends on Google APIs. Plus I don't want to use Chrome just to be able to have Signal on the desktop.
I looked into all this during my summer vacation and I'm still undecided.. I'd even give XMPP a try after reading this but almost none of my friends use it

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Originally Posted by 243kof View Post
Client-server encryption is applied by default
Well, yes, but I think this is a given for any messenger out there now. At least I hope there is nothing that's actually used by people but doesn't use a TLS connection.

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Originally Posted by kinggo View Post
and yet, we still need official android client first to register. So, what's the point of native unofficial one and open API? Telegram sucks almost as much as whatsup.
As far as i know , you dont need an android client to register. You can just use your browser. Take the web.telegram in browser and you are good to go. And it doesnt need a plugin or a specific browser. Even N900 browser will be able to do it. I personally repect the providers who give a web interface alternative to their applications. If you dont have time to develop clients for all the different oses out there , give a good web interface. It is as universal as it can get.
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