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An excerpt from freenode IRC channel #devuan (Jaromil being the founder of basically)

[2016-05-31 Tue 20:37:51] <jaromil> DocScrutinizer05: we were talking about you just now me and hellekin
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:38:25] <jaromil> and we think we have great potential and should put some things straight with the neo900 community
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:38:28] <jaromil> so we can help each other
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:38:39] <jaromil> lets say you can count on all the CI infrastructure
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:38:44] <DocScrutinizer05> :-)
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:38:48] <jaromil> and we spin the images on it
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:39:02] <DocScrutinizer05> that sounds AWESOME
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:39:10] <jaromil> so you can concentrate on the coding
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:39:37] <DocScrutinizer05> well, coding is ... Pali and freemangordon ;-)
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:39:40] <jaromil> this would be a good goal and win win, doesn't costs much right now
[2016-05-31 Tue 20:39:48] <DocScrutinizer05> indeed

This means that Maemo and particularly the FPTF "fork" have a cooperative and helpful compatible upstream again.

(on an irrelevant sidenote: Hellekin already created a new git with bugtracker and all for internal Neo900 maintenance et al there, and I hope we'll see a [public] FPTF branch shortly too)


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