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SmartLock is an app that hides files on your N9 but it doesn't appear to have a way to "unhide" them. I was testing it out and have "lost" some files I only wanted to temporarily hide. Has anyone used this and found a way to "unhide" the files or know what happens to the files when they are hidden? I emailed the developer but as of now no reply.
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Why not simply append a "." (dot) to any file/folder to keep them hidden? Its much better than such 3rd party solutions...

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Or easier that you move your files to your one folder with . in name

You can try search files with Filebox, if you can remember any names.
Try:My N9 bootvideo
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Thanks for your help. The reason I was asking was both for my own curiosity if anyone had used it and for help with others. It is a app in the OVI store and when I sent out N9s to my non-techie friends they might select it for the purpose of hiding some stuff when they loan their phones out and then they will be worried when they can't get it back.
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Try look at Nokia store review section,I remember someone posted the actual path for the hidden files..I found it but can't recall it now..

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