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Edit: Withdrawn from sale.

Only just bought it & the seller neglected to tell me, he jammed a sim in it. 'SIM slot pins' are defiantly busted.

Happy to check anything through console.

A couple photos here:

Located between Gold Coast & Brisbane.

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it's marked as broken/damaged/non-working and for parts only.
IMHO you not only haven't be cheated, but it's your fault you assumed that something is OK, and you can easily and cheaply make usable n9 out of this wreckage/n9 leftovers.

You simply paid not much for n9 screen(they get easily broken, like every glass). 16GB M/B is not worth much(esp. with broken SIM slot). Sim trays are also pricey(unlike usb covers, and polycarbonate body probably is also broken[you must check if usb/sim attachements are OK).
You also don't know the state of CMT(GSM modem) and battery.
IMHO sell this phone as screen replacement, or buy another one and keep this for spares.
I would be interested in buying screen, but shipping to Poland is probably to pricey
To buy all needed parts you need to invest more than buying scratched, but fully working n9 and you can end up with half-working unit.

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