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With the price slash of the Blackberry Playbook to $299 CDN, I am curious to watch if someone, cracks out an alternate OS for it. There are rumours here in Canada. ie Android and most recently a well attributed one about WebOS(which just went to open source).

Friends in the business have said the hardware specs on the unit were quite good, and that it was the apps and pricing and other lacking features that have hindered it as a device.

I am starting to embrace my N800 again for pleasure and looking for other creative devices, because the 3GS iPhone I have is becoming increasingly slow including notable hesitations. Sound familiar? With one button and no stylus, that will surely be it's death stroke if it fades any further. lol

Thanks for the tips guys!

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There're many 4G USB modem works well via Wifi, some of models like this N800 are as small as possible for traveling.

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