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Hi all,

recently decided to revive my beloved N9 with a new screen. It was lying around with a broken one for 3 years. Not sure whether it was completely off.

After I've installed the new screen module I was able to boot it. As far as I remember it worked after some charging and plugging in/out the charger usb cable. Note first even the charging LED won't light. However, I've broken the proximity sensor while taking it off from the old screen. So I decided to turn the phone off and took out the charger.

Then I've installed the new proximity sensor and the phone won't boot. I've tried it with the sensor disconnected as well. While charging, no LED lights on. After some plugging out and in of the charger cable it showed the NOKIA logo and then blacked again.

I've downloaded flasher (it is hard to find nowadays; thanks to one Russian guy I was able to download it from his Dropbox). Running flasher -i gives
Suitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting...
Also the phone is not listed in lsusb.

Any suggestions?

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