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@jonwil bumping up the version would be better also maybe use the latest source code for your patches. In the repositority there is already a version 0.0.37.

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What repository?
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Originally Posted by jonwil View Post
What repository?
The repository?
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Thanks, I wasn't sure if you were talking about a Git repo or something or the maemo apt repository.
I will do some more work on it soon (including bumping the version number on QT and uploading the packages for it to community-devel just to make it easy for people to grab them)
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I have released another new version, this time with proper changelogs and stuff.
I bumped the version number on qt4-x11. The source can be found at and the binaries I compiled can be found at (I stuck them in cssu-devel as an easy way to share them all without needing to find some file space that could hold all those large files and yes I know CSSU is basically dead at this point)

The latest Fahrplan source code (which requires the new QT version given above to be installed into your build environment in order to compile) is at and the binary is attached to this post. To make it work you need the new QT bits given above plus the QJson bits linked elsewhere in this thread. You may need other upgraded things from CSSU as well, I dont know for sure what might be needed, if anything (I am running the latest version of cssu-testing and all the packages contained therein)

The changes made since the last version I posted are:
Bump the version number to 0.37
Update the changelog
Update the dependencies so Fahrplan depends on the new QT version
Include the "Fixed parsing DB detail view when flaparrow is closed" change from the Fahrplan version in extras-devel.

I would still like to figure out something useful to do with maps but otherwise I have no plans to do anything more to Fahrplan at this time (if someone else wants to make further changes to it for whatever reason, I am happy to include those into my git repository if need be)
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