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Sorry Wikiwide, are you asking me or me of the posters of two years ago? To clarify, I am not much of a smiley guy, seeing the smileys in plain text like the linked thread was all about is more up my street. My reply in post #8 was not even addressed to you, it was to those "I want more smileys" type guys. I do think that extra smileys are pointless unless both parties can somehow arrange to see the same thing. If I really had to anwer your question, then I think it would make sense to have the same smileys in Skype on N900 as we have on the desktop, including the animated ones. But as I say, I am more than happy with plain text. Semicolon dash closing bracket.

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came across this threat while looking for ways to use animated icons...

for the static ones:
  • find a nice source of PNG files
    (e.g.: )
  • save each (you are interested in) image to /home/opt/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/hildon
  • edit /usr/share/rtcom-messaging-ui/smilies/user/default.def (or create new file having the same structure there)
    e.g. i'm currently creating a default+skype.def which merges the two sets
  • Conversation => settings => Smileys theme => pick your file

i have however to agree with pichlo about
  • the need to maintain consistency w/ other platforms (PC, mac, Linux, ???) for set of smileys
  • dito for codes used
    this isn't as trivial as it may seem (list a code that is used everywhere - it also requires to include all and every possible code variation for a certain smiley (!))
probably makes sense to create a .def file in /usr/share/rtcom-messaging-ui/smilies/user for each chat app

if you wish to get ride of the graphical stuff altogether, create
/usr/share/rtcom-messaging-ui/smilies/user/null.def with

Name = null
Menu_count = 0
Menu_rows = 0
Menu_cols = 0

nota bene: setting all the values to 0 effectively disables the "smilies" pop-up
(need to start a chat anew for this to work)

alas, conversation does not seem to support animated smileys. (trying to refer a GIF file (which is available in the directory) generates an empty in conversation
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Waao! these smielies are too good to be used in sms chat. I will definitely used them.

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nokia n900, smileys

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