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Hi all, hoping someone may be able to help?

I put my phone down in work & when I came back to use it the screen was damaged (blank except for a small section of vertical random coloured lines)

So with the help of this site I got a new screen, replaced it & happy dayz, was up & running again for about 3 hours

The screen started randomly responding to touches then just quit responding. I thot it had frozen so pulled the battery & restarted it to the security code login screen but it didn't accept any presses.

I brought a new digitizer, fitted but nothing has changed... Gutted to say the least!

Does anyone have any ideas? Im gonna call a nokia help centre tomorrow & see if they can help. If i had another one or knew someone who had one I could just swap the whole top slider section & would know if it was there or the actual phone...

PLUS: any way i can access my data? Tried connecting to pc (windows vista) when off & at N900's security login screen & cant access the phones drives... doubly gutted

Thanks guys
ps - if I've lost the use of my N900 - what do I replace it with?
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well you can use tv out to see but am not sure about the rest.
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Plugged into TV & display is same as on phone, stops at the security login screen then phone wont recognise any screen presses... Pity cant login using the hardware keyboard, at least could access my info... unless there is a way?
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anyone able to help?
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did you replaces the LCD & digitizer by yourself??

if you do then dissemble it make sure that all the ribbon not been damages while replacing the LCD & Digitizer...also disconnect & reconnect the ribbon to make sure it fits....
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