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Hatari for applications

This thread is for Hatari Atari ST-series emulator for people that don't want play games. I needed it first time when I have to convert samples and I didn't find any converter apps for Maemo.

These instructions made for N900, but there is also Hatari version for N770-N810.

Good to read this:

Hatari UI to work:
Load configuration from page:

Mouse to little better (double click is still hard):
Change EmuTOS ROM-image (newer EmuTOS version also might works, but not tested) that come with Hatari package to original ROM TOS versions 2.06 (for STE emulation) or 4.04 (for Falcon emulation)
- Machine Configuration -> TOS image select file
- Set and reboot (thats not actually set and reboot yet)
- ALT-gr (that blue arrow button on left)+Q
- File ->Quit
- Start again

Emulation in 640x400 2 color:
Tested working configuration:
- Machine type: Falcon
- Monitortype: Mono
- Memory size: 4 MB (it can be bigger, but I just save memory of N900)
- TOS image: tos404.img
Do that ALT-gr+Q + Quit always after configuration.

choose reset and cold reset, that's stop annoying keyboard problem (you know that repeated keyboard click sound)

default path is stupid /home/user/MyDocs/.games/ change that to your disk-directory. Supported images .ST, DIM (Fast-Copy Pro) and .MSA (Magic-Shadow Archiver)

Hard Disk emulation:
You can use files of N900, but be carefully and make directory for emulation and save all files and folder with capital letter and 8+3 letter system if you don't know what you are really doing. You can get long filename support, but do that only if you have done it with real Atari too.

Learn TOS keyboard shortcuts:
O - Open (useful start program without double click)
E - Select All
S - Show information (with this you can rename)

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