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I have searched the internet and forums for a similar issue and found none.

After install PR1.2 if I try to install an application from the store I get an error pop-up:

"Unable to start operation
Refreshing cache. Please wait."

I have waited and restarted the phone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Mike,

I have an identical problem.

I finally took the update to 1.2 and everything seemed fine.
Installation was flawless and everything seems to be working well after completion - except that now I have 4 pieces of software waiting for updates - namely:
VoiceInput Virtual Keyboard
Folder Gallery

all sitting there with "Download Failed" messages messages below.
Along with this "Can't complete the download. Connection to the application provider was lost. Try again later."

I've been trying for over 24 hours now

The refresh logo, constantly spins and if I click on Try Again, all I get is the following message:
"Unable to start operation
Refreshing Cache. Please wait"

Has anybody got a solution?

Great forum btw guys, keep up the great work.
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This is my experience that i have:

after I do a full reflash with both firmware and EMMC. The first thing I go to install is meecatalog. Then I enable all extras repository in the settings. Afterwards, I want I cant download or install some Apps in store, like: Gpodder, Mieru, Apps for said installation interrupted.

Therefore, I try to find out what is the cause, it is because I have enabled the "Harmattan developer repository" in settings in Meecatalog, I disabled it and I can install or download things in the Nokia Store.

Hope this can help you.
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I'm having similar problem. 'Unable to start operation. Refreshing cache. Please wait.' and I get this when I try to install apps from Ovi or Apps For MeeGo. Please can someone give the solution.

ps. I am also running PR1.2
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Had the same error but rebooting my device got rid of it.
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Originally Posted by Tarzan- View Post
Had the same error but rebooting my device got rid of it.
Untill the next time you need something installed
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The Following User Says Thank You to slarti For This Useful Post:
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Darn it happens to me too, only started happening after my upgrade to PR1.2 yesterday...
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I did an "apt-get upate" and noticed one repo in my list was failing to load. And for some reason would not timeout. So I removed the errant repo and "apt-get upate" would finish. Installing apps still did not work even after a reboot gave up for the night. But this morning everyting seems to be working fine. (Shrug)
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Just like to add that I'm also facing this problem.

Unfortunately, there was no information about this bug earlier before I reset my N9 - so I've got a clean out of the box N9 right now which performs about 30% of what I typically use it for. Hopefully this issue is something that is easily fixable - I would definitely NOT like to wait until PR 1.3 to get back the remaining 70% of the device.

Like to add that this "issue" also affects developer mode - which essentially means I'm unable to debug/edit anything that "may" fix the issue. Maybe this is Step 1 of Elop's Master Plan to turn all our N9s into Lumia 800's.

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