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Originally Posted by Heik View Post
Originally you created the file using that touch command. So I guess you will get error message, if you run that command again, since it is locked by chattr +i command.

So, no need to rerun that.
Touch won't error it will just update the date and time the file was modified to 'now'

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Originally Posted by n950 View Post

I have installed Sailfish X official on my F5121 xperia x 32 GB.

I have only 17,9 GB why?

How to fix it?
This process worked for ExplIT upon F5121:

More detail from lantern for use on F5122 here:

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Originally Posted by suicidal_orange View Post
Touch won't error it will just update the date and time the file was modified to 'now'
Is it so in the asa's case, as he has already used chattr +i to "lock" the file?
[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ touch /opt/alien/data/app/
touch: cannot touch `/opt/alien/data/app/': Permission denied
[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ devel-su
[root@Sailfish nemo]# touch /opt/alien/data/app/
touch: cannot touch `/opt/alien/data/app/': Permission denied
[root@Sailfish nemo]#

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One thing I forgot to mention which happened to me and might be affecting other people too when flashing the XperiaX device;

There was no way I could make the device start in fastboot mode, nope, whether holding volume-UP or volume-DOWN or whichever combination of any of the buttons whatever!
I got the device to start up with the green LED light up but it was not recognized by fastboot!

What I could do, however was to boot it up normally, and then do "adb reboot-bootloader" which puts it correctly into fasboot mode.

Go figure.

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Originally Posted by n950 View Post
I have only 17,9 GB why?
In the Sony Xperia X the advertised "32 Gb" are actually 29.1 Gb (31.2 billion bytes). And they have the usual baroque Android partitioning scheme (52 partitions, ouch!)

Thus we have:
- 20.7 Gb user partition (root+home, managed by lvm mapper)
- 7.3 Gb factory reset image
- ~1.1 Gb of supplementary partitions that must survive reformatting or even the factory reset (odm Sony drivers, FCC compliance HTML files, bluetooth associations, Android crash monitor, etc: sounds like everytime an Android system developer had some idea, he added a new partition for it).

So we have about 2.5 Gb for sailfish-root and the remaining 18.3 Gb for sailfish-home, as of the "sailfish" volume group of the lvm (logical volume manager).

In the last Mer/Sailfish meeting a few days ago they discussed the issue (see point 5) but maybe they'll have to strictly stick with Android partitioning because they're not authorized to do anything flashy.

I see the 7.3 Gb "factory reset" partition only contains ~600 megabytes (in the meeting they say "1.5Gb actually used by SailfishX", but AFAIK that's the uncompressed size; also, you could save 100 megabytes if you don't include the Sailfish_OS_2.0.mp4 file).

I guess we can reclaim about 6.6 Gb of those 7.3 Gb.

For example:
- backup factory reset partition data (~600 Mb ext4) into home
- fdisk: erase factory reset partition /dev/mmcblk0p52 (releasing those 7.3 Gb)
- fdisk: enlarge user partition (mmcblk0p51) from 20.7 Gb to 27.3 Gb (+6.6Gb), for example startsector=2334720 (same as before, doublecheck it) and endsector=59629567
- fdisk: create again /dev/mmcblk0p52 on the remaining ~700 Mb, for example startsector=59629568, endsector=61063167 (same as before)
- format the 700 Mb to ext4 and then restore its contents (SailfishX *img.gz images etc)
- restart the phone in recovery mode
- you now have 27.3 Gb (instead of 20.7) in mmcblk0p51 available to lvm, and the already filled 0.7 Gb in mmcblk0p52
- if the "vgdisplay" command does not show any Free PE blocks, then maybe you should "vgextend sailfish /dev/mmcblk0p51"
- now you should be able to manage the root/home volumes with lvm as suggested by seiichiro but enjoying the 27+Gb.

Even if the Sailfish "factory reset" required 1.5Gb instead of 0.6Gb, it would still be a +5.6Gb gain over the default partitioning scheme.

Disclaimer: I did not try to do it. Also, I'm no expert and I don't take responsibility. There's a chance some residual Android turd lying around could expect the partitioning scheme to not to change (maybe in the boot phase or even in the kernel): you may brick your Xperia soon after having rendered useless the Recovery Mode and the Factory Reset...

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sailfish os, sony xperia x

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