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Originally Posted by Breeze5 View Post
No, that's not the problem. We do/have like this: when you get your new SIM and plug it in, it connects to the network and the old one is dissabled at the same time, takes about 15-60 min. My new SIM works fine in my N9 and N900. I have a carrier locked phone =/

But this i wonder:
You can unlock the carrier by going into service menu and enter a code you can buy online.
But how do i access the service menu with SFOSX? Android is the *#*#7378432#*#*
I guess you cannot do that in sailfish, you have to flash back to Android.

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Originally Posted by DrYak View Post
Thus this last option should still work even if you completely **** up the whole GPT partition and need to re-partition manually.
(But this isn't a guarantee. Maybe the bootloader needs to do something silly, like checking a checksum or a signature in order to decide if it needs to display a warning, and crashes in case of corrupt partitions)
The main issue here is not messing up partition 51 or 52, I agree with you that those can be (more or less) restored easily. Another option here could be to reflash the whole image (or even restore Android with EMMA and then flashing SFOS again).
However, the biggest issue here are probably all those other partitions which contain crucial data for some hardware components. As I understood it when this topic was discussed in the second-to-last community meeting, some of those partitions can't be restored and you hard-brick the device when they are removed / damaged. So f***ing up the whole partition table (or at least making the slightest mistake during its restoration) could FUBAR (f*** up beyond all repair) your phone.

We also need to keep in mind that "moderately safe" or even "unlikely events" are not safe enough for Jolla to deploy an automated process with the possibility to completely brick the device.

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Does any one know if the browser and email client will be improved in regards to general UI speed within the next year?

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Is there a way to get rid of the warning screen on the start up?
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Originally Posted by Breeze5 View Post
Is there a way to get rid of the warning screen on the start up?
yes, flash stock Sony Android.

Joke aside
no, there is no known way of removing that warning.
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The non-joke way to remove the warning screen would require Jolla to get their boot image (the hybris-boot.img file with the kernel+initrd that gets flashed on the boot partition) signed by Sony's key.

Or alternatively, to get their own certificate admitted into the Xperia X's bootloader.

And then, re-locking the bootloader.

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