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I think it came about during the Expanded/Extended Memory debates.

Anyway, we can await someone to dig through those InfoWorlds for the truth. (Wish I had kept mine.... *sigh*)

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Originally Posted by Mike Cane
Just because he never said it doesn't mean he never thought it.
Your powers of divining the inner thoughts of BG are impressive, but even more interesting is this new release, so if anyone has any further experience with it, this would be a good time to get on topic
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Could you start another thread concerning the memory debate and lets just use this one strictly for comments related to the software update?

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I did the update and it ran very well. A lot of the memory issues seemed to go away. I even imported bookmarks much faster than under the last firmware.

It will only get better. Keep'em coming.
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Well I've spent most of this evening browsing around, checking e-mail and all sorts and I've had no problems with slowdowns, browser crashes or out of memory errors. Did I mention that my IMAP problem has gone away as well?

Some more specific comments:
  • Task switching is quicker, either using the icons or the double arrows (>>), though the arrows are still more usable.
  • I've had three browser windows open, on national rail looking up train details, the IMDb looking up Elizabeth and this thread. No signs of poor response and no out of memory errors.
  • At no point did the browser disappear with any of the pages I accessed.
  • With all of the browser windows open, the e-mail app was a little slow to redraw when switched to, but nothing too painful.
  • There is still a problem with the rendering of text only e-mails which seems to take and age to complete, so much so that I kill the opening of the message - it seems to get stuck.
  • No problems with video - the Ice Age 2 trailer, opened and ran first time.
  • The install worked pefectly first time, using the newly downloaded windows flash app. I did notice that this binary is somewhat larger - by about 2 meg - than the previous two which were identically sized.
  • Backup restored my settings fine, though an option to "just do the whole of /home/user/ would be more than welcome .
  • Did I mention that IMAP now works?

I thought the previous release was a significant improvement but IMHO this one is an even bigger step forward. Nokia and the developers working on the software, thanks guys, deserve a lot of kudos for continuing to work to improve the 770
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I just installed the new software and tested it for 5 minutes. Initial impressions:

installation had no problems
noticebly faster app loads
noticably less memory warnings (for example, I loaded 2 large web pages, ESPN and FoxNews) while playing streaming radio and had no problems at all, where before just the ESPN page alone would give me low memory errors.)
noticably faster switching between apps

Overall, a definite improvement. If this keeps up, I'll be happy!
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How long is it generally taking people to flash the device?

I ran the Windows wizard and it hung on "10% Completed" for something like 20 minutes. I'm trying again now and am seeing similar behavior.
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Never mind, I tried it twice more and finally got it to work. Strange.
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It took mine about 2 minutes to flash.
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Holy cow! The dash character (-) is now available on the virtual keyboard without needing to shift! Ha ha, take that, you worthless equals sign!

Three cheers for the new image!

(although MANaOS still doesn't work for me)

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