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As most if not all of you know, Hildon Foundation is slowly working towards migrating all of the services to infrastructure that we as a community are able to administer ourselves.

We are finally in a position to migrate a key piece - the forum.

If everything goes well between now and then, the migration should happen on the 16th of this month - this Wednesday. At that point in time, the DNS change to point the URL towards the new server will be initiated. Unfortunately, because we are not yet in direct control of the domain names, the DNS changes might take some time to process and propagate.

Thus, we would like to advise the community to expect some downtime in starting with the sixteenth. This may manifest as the old server remaining in read-only mode as of that date, and/or going down completely. Even if it does not go down immediately, it is safe to expect that it will by the 20th (which is around when it would've gone down anyway). We will do our best to provide users with the IP of the new server to the community before the change-over as soon as possible, unless those handling the technical side of the transition have strong and sound objections to this.

Either way, we in the council will do everything within our power to ensure that the migration of will go smoothly for everyone.

Link: Original article.

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Nice work with the TMO migration, all involved!

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