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Originally Posted by mmurfin87 View Post
Personally I'm using the following setup:

"Contacts" panel:

"Media" panel:

"Web" panel:

"Utility" panel:

The Web panel and the Utility panel are probably going to go through some revisions because i'm not quite happy about the separation of functionality. I'd really prefer to have a Web panel, Utility panel, and a kind of PIM panel, but then I'd be over the 4 panel limit.
How is your battery life with all those widgets and what not?
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I'm interested to see how people are using their 4 desktops on the N900.

I'm looking for inspiration....... for now, my main desktop looks like this:-

I can fit another row of Contacts (with slight overlap), so that will give me 6 Contact shortcuts on my main desktop.
Eventually, I will get people's photos (not big on Facebook, so Hermes cant help me).

Haven't done much with the other three..... one looks like this so far:-

Another one will probably just be Contact shortcuts for work people.

Please post your screenshots here.

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I'm only running 3 desktops. Don't really need 4. I could even condess everything into two, I suppose.

Edit: Condense. I really noe haw to spel guud... ugh.
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That's not a bad idea. I might stick to 3 desktops until I have a need for the 4th.
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Only one desktop for me...

On that note, thanks for letting me switch off my unused desktops!
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i'm currently using just 3 also....

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The original one is the most exciting and the zoomed gun looks very cool the mushroomwatercloud looks also very fun

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more more people im interested to see what you can cram in. although interesting to see that people are not using all four screens yet
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How do you add the "no new messages" window?

Don't worry - found the widget download.

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My unique desktop (I disabled the 3 others)

I don't like shortcuts and prefer access apps through the main menu

By the way, the fm transmitter is really ugly, I would muck prefer a direct access to fm transmitter through the status bar option, like for bluetooth. Is there already somewhere I can vote for that enhancement?

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