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I <3 browsing the forum first thing in the morning!

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this just looks like a lot of bug fixes - not a lot of new features. :-(

No Ovi Maps 3, No PPTP VPN. MfE still takes all folders so cant get my whole inbox without downloading 6GB mail to the phone.

But maybe better battery performance. Okay time to look for another phone.

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Must have missed it but I did not see where they added MMS.... Thought I read somewhere that it was going to be in the update?
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well pr 1.1 is here and here is a list of fixes..

1. 3 sim cards are compatible
2. Mfe update (now compatible with MS exchange server 2003)
3. Ovi maps update (nope...still no and routing)

*these were taken from nokia conversations*
please add anymore improvements that you find.

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here's a few tweets from peter of some the things fixed

#N900 PR1.1 includes compatibility with H3G SIM cards, interoperability with most Microsoft Exchange 2003 servers, and improved OVI Maps.

OVI Maps in #N900 now with better search performance and route calculation.
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Originally Posted by phyneex View Post
I read the technical changelog... no auto-rotate? no battery percentage?

Those 2 things are important imo...
haha more important than random reboots?

you just made my day

e: wtf, what is this Maemo 5 2.2009.51-1 in my app manager?!?!?
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X: performance of GLES apps improved.
so, maybe all those games from OVI store that seem laggy will run fine now. Fingers crossed...
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HOLY COW! Thanks for the tip! Just creating backup....
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Updating.. :P
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