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Anyway. Thanks for the advice you guys I really appreciate it I have to think of other ways to do something sweet for her. Again thank you.

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She's cute , but for this kind of problems , it's better to talk with a psychologist . It's just my advice .
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Thanks for the advice (Where's the thanked button when you need it, it should be also in the off-topic ) But I think its not that serious to go with psychologist. Just having friends like me supporting her is already enough. I just had this Idea to flatter her. I mean having comments from different country is somewhat special right?
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Hi Garcel (and bestfriend)...

1. I'm not sure it's the best idea to post private pictures on these kind of boards, where just about everyone here is a stranger to her (and you). Have you seen the kind of 'discussions' that's gone on on the heated threads lately...

2. Why did you say that she has self confidence issue?
(I assume that you've concluded it could've stemmed from her self image, or that it may be fixed by people giving positive comments on her looks?)
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It's probably not a good idea to post pictures on the internet at all. :S

That picture that is hosted on facebook can probably be tracked through search engines. Now imagine that her name becomes linked to this photo and this photo is now linked to this post. And ,say, one day she goes to find a job and the company starts searching her name on the internet. If they find out that she might be lacking a self-confidence, do you think that would give her advantage over competition ?

Also, some people might search for random photos on the internet to use as avatars for whatever reason. (use it as a hook to bring traffic, etc).

The worst of all, someone will photoshop her face into another photo and it somehow turns into viral photo that spreads over the internet like a wild fire. Will that help her?

My advice to you: you support her as much as possible. Go outside with her, make her meet ,real life, people. That's how she will gain confidence, not by sitting at home surfing the web, reading posts written by strangers. Ooh and sorry if I sound like an ***..
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You not sound like a ..... I appreciate your advice thank you so much And every word you just said is totally True. Don't worry I always takes her out every sunday :

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