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I've got my N900 last week! Never owned one before! It's my daily phone now. My iPhone 8 still sleeps...
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It depends what do you want to achieve with this device? I got mine, when it was young and rocking through the mobile world, then, for a long time I have no use for it, it was only the backup phone.

In nowdays I still use it, when I don't use a n9. I had poor knowledge about unix system before, today it improved significantly as now I have a lot of fun trying new things, learning more about some would say silly stuff I already know. This is good time killer for me. Apply something like stats/overclocks scripts and see how it is working why it is not working and so on.

I got is as my phone most of a time, because carrying 2-3 devices
(Even I still have n9 as close backup) is pointless and I would never recommend for user only as phone today.

No matter, welcome to maemo-n900 wonderland

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