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Hi All,

I tried re-flashing my N900 using the repositories found at

During eMMC re-flash, it abruptly stopped & now I can't see anything on the phone even though it is starting on.

I am not sure whether the problem is with the file in the repository or anything else.

Anyone who has ever faced any similar issue or is aware of what might have happened please help.

Doing the re-flashing again gives the same problem. & I haven't yet done rootfs re-flash, thinking it may make the phone dead.


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You can't kill your n900 with flashing normal images

Did you check if the file is downloaded correctly by the means of md5 hash? You can find the hashes on the same site you downloaded the images from. If not download again.

Also I suggest you to flash rootfs, eMMC then rootfs again. Don't use the -R option in between (reboot). This *should* always work

Good luck!
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