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thank you very much for your help. I will try to do it your way
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Originally Posted by biketool View Post
Wow, I must have a fake BH-214 then, a bit late to complain though, I can NOT play audio and charge at the same time.
hi, i have a nokia bh 214, bought it from ebay... it is a fake one but works great... the problem is it does nt get charged i.e no blinking red light.. tght it ws a prblm wid the LED, bt blinks in all other conditions... hence came to a conclusion that its not getting charged... pried it open... not able to analyze where the problem could be... nothing on th circuit seems wrong... help me out...

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The LED on a fake BH-214 pulses at different speeds blue when unconnected, creating new pairing, or connected, the LED is red only while charging and dark when finished, the low battery indicator is a very loud four beeps in the audio I dont belive it flashes red ever. A real BH-214 also has a green and yellow color in addition to red to indicate battery state and will only power up from the power button. The power and answer button are wired together on fakes and are used interchangeably.
I very much like my fake BH-214 although I would much prefer a real Nokia with the real power button less likely to be accidently pushed and battery indication lights though it would also require a battery mod for all day audio.
The BH-214 does require a 5.7volt 2mm charger so if you have an unboosted 5volt USB charger that is not enouigh.

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I would appreciate any direction to where I could find a larger capacity battery like the one you used. Any help would be very much appreciated because I own a handful of the fake BH-214 and some of them start warning me of low battery after 2 hours. It's annoying because sometimes the warning will last for 30 minutes with that constant annoying beep.
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I found my battery searching for a few weeks on ebay.

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