Poll: Do you think its possible to overclock the N900?!
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Do you think its possible to overclock the N900?!

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sudo gainroot

/Load the default settings
kernel-config load default

/set freq limits
kernel-config limits 250 1150

/save as config file, were "maxfreq" can be any name you want to name /your profile as
kernel-config save maxfreq

Now, as you use freq above 900 MHz, smartreflex cannot be used to automatically adjust your CPU voltage on the fly. (not designed for)
So, you have to open your favorite text editor and edit /home/user/.kernel/yourconfigfile


and save.

Now, each time you want, you can easily use:

kernel-config load maxfreq

to load your 1150 profile

Last step, if you want those settings to be applied anytime, you have to set your profile as default:

kernel-config default maxfreq

Voila, keep in mind that the phone was not designed to run at this speed so, as you may already know, use this at your own risk!

Last thing, if you are runnning speed or battery patch, you should remove them. May require a full flash of the device.

Hope it helped

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