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battery life. have your friend charge and use it a few times to make sure it isn't like 6 hour short with little to no usage.
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They're maemo and MeeGo...

"Meamo!" sounds like what Zorro would say to catherine zeta jones... after she slaps him for looking at her dirtily...

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Thread migration needed. =)

We already have a list there.

edit: seems done =)

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Originally Posted by jinx405 View Post
1) microphone test to see if it works, can make phone calls, other person can hear him clearly
To test the microphone without needing a SIM card, use the camera to film a video.

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thanks guys! i tried searching but couldnt find anything - looks like i was missing the keyword "mess"

so with the reboot problem, i'll just get my friend to use the phone heavily and see if anything weird happens?

Aranel's list will be helpful for potential buyers, it'll probably be a good idea to make it a sticky. can an admin merge this thread?

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Threads merged.

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can i ask:

what could be wrong with the
3) LCD Light

what issues are known for the slider? and also keyboard and lcd light?

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slider and keyboard, i know 2 issues in used devices:

1) The keyboard dont hold tight when closed. And when opened, it doesnt stays parallel with the screen.

2) The Backlight doesnt turn off when closed - the phone app doenst go to portait mode. This is because the magnetic switch is damaged. Some says that the magnetic case lock can damage the switch.

The first can be fixed. The second, no.
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oh thanks for that info.

any more people like to help???
what are the known issues with n900? hardware.
what can be wrong with the slider....?

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