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As these two games have been ported on all imaginable platforms, it qould be nice to have them on N900 in their full glory.

I saw the port from OS 2008 and I was kinda disappointed by the lack of... well, Open Arena experience.

I'm posting this because I just tried Open Arena with accelerometer control and it was completely revelatory

In the ol' symbian days, we had them both (Q1&Q2), with accelerometer control, but what makes Open Arena stay apart, and so much more fun, is the auto aiming.

Here's the link for the sources of Quake 1&2 with HWA. I hope someone will consider bringing them to N900 with:
-Accelerometer control
-Auto aiming

so we can yet again re-experience these legendary games in a revolutionary way

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What the hell is open arena?!
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Originally Posted by flameboy View Post
What the hell is open arena?!
Its open version of Quake 3 (But you can install the real Quake 3 too)

Quake 1 has been converted. Its in devel.

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it's an amazing shooter, similar to Quake 3

with hwa?
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Hello I loved this games. I played both Quake 1 and Quake2 I like both versions.

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I used to play rocket arena mod on quake 2 for hours, ah; quakespy..
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I also would like to see quake 2.
The single player mode made it one of my favorite FPS.
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yeah, quake2 (of course with hardware acceleration) would be great, enjoyed it very much on the N810
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the Chaos Mod for Quake II was fantastic.

would lloove for these to get ported.
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mods are probably not going to be happening in the Quake 2 port, not unless you're playing as a client only, or they have actually been recompiled for linux (and I believe for the arm arch as well). Quake 1 is still the greatest fps of all time I've been playing with SDL quake since I bought my N900. Ill definately have to look into this new version...

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accelerometer, hardware, quake 1, quake 2, remastered

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