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Originally Posted by otsaloma View Post
Coverage varies, but where Google Maps is good, it's really good, way ahead of the competition.
The competition is more than just Apple Maps. And counter-example, here in the Netherlands OpenStreetMap is often much more detailed than Google Maps, and much more up-to-date. Anecdote: two years ago a party I was with got stuck in the country side. In the dark. It was pouring. On Christmas. On a, as it turned out, private road. It was only thanks to OpenStreetMap we could actually tell the road we were stuck on, to call for help. According to Google Maps we were in the middle of a large field, it draw an absolute blank there - quite literately; there simply wasn't anything nearby on the map.

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So, how I can use openstreet maps, in this app?

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Originally Posted by iHusky View Post
So, how I can use openstreet maps, in this app?
@iHusky: probably all map providers in Poor Maps use OpenStreetMap in one or another form. So, you are using it already.

If your area is not covered, you could ask local government to upload the data into this free database or look into how can you improve it yourself.

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Hi for you! I admire the beauty of nature and architecture. Thank you for the fascinating post. Like the forum!

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