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What is that FMRX application that was installed? When I tried to remove it using FAPMan, it gave me a warning that I am removing a system package, it seemed to me that PR 1.3 was going to be removed when the FMRX was marked for removal.

I feel that my battery isn't lasting as much as it did two or three weeks ago.. anyone else?
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when u go to a contact u can view ur history with them, i think thats new its called 'communication history'
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Originally Posted by jaanusa View Post
Found a little bug - during e-mail checking I get following error: "Internal error. Applicaltion 'E-mail' closed". I have two IMAP accounts.
Anyone else experienced that?
I have had this also. I got two IMAP accounts and MFE. Overall performance is better than previous, but system sometimes stops responding for few of seconds, don't know why or what might be causing this.
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Originally Posted by rajkrishna View Post
i've just updated to the PR 1.3 via the Nokia Software Update option. The update was a whopping 200 MB !! I backed up all data using Nokia Backup

Post the updates all my music, videos, messages and contacts are intact.

However all widgets, apps, homescreen layouts have been deleted. Is there anything that I can do to get them back, ??

Also I am thinking of flashing to the Global PR 1.3 firmware coz the Indian version does not have Skype support. Any clue as to what are the differences in the Indian and the Global version ?
ya nothing much difference , ewat i did is downloading US version, so it gives built in skype....
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Originally Posted by cutehunk04 View Post
i did update PR 1.3 via app manager but m download file size was 84.5mb, not 200 mb... did i had full update or half... can anyone highlite it
ya same here, its ok , its normal , if u do update thru ur app managetr thn its 84.5 mb

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