Poll: What do you use to shoot video
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What do you use to shoot video

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This is both a poll and a request for advice.

The poll is: "what do people use to shoot video?"
Do you even shoot video nowadays?

The last camcorder I ever bought was a DCR-PC9E for 1000, it's a DV camcorder (that's how long ago it was). Today I noticed I rarely ever use a camcorder anymore and that it has been a very, very long time since I have.

What made me realize was the fact that my brothers wedding is coming up, he will more than likely hire a professional cameraman but then I thought, should I also shoot my own personal video? what would I use to shoot this video? would I use a phone? A DSLR? or do I buy a camcorder? camcorders seem like a dying breed, to me it seems that cameras and phones have replaced them.

So my question to you is, do you sill shoot video on occasions, and if so what do you use. Be as specific as you like, and recommendations are also welcome.

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I use my phone for the videoa that i take but these are for everyday videos, i.e to capture in the moment things. Most of the time you dont have a camcorder handy, so video quality is not an issue.

I would prefer a dedicated device to record occations though, phone videos are jittery, and though they are capable of shooting high definition, and incredibly good videos, they do not match dedcated devices.

Professional is fine... But the best video moments happen only people ate not conscious of the stranger with thw cam:P So i think even if you're not decided on buying one, renting one would be better than cellphone videos.

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i remember, shot my friends pre wedding function with My N900(Default 16x9HQ mode)... stacked(edited) it a in a simple editor and gave the DVD to them next day..
video wasn't shaky, decent quality, wide-screen and much more early then the Professional one..

imo steady hand is also equally important as 720p &1080p..

this is my Personal List of..
Best Phones of 2011/2012 for Video Capturing
who can easily replace Camcorder

here are..

if your brothers wedding is after PureView's release do consider it cuz

its the strongest contender


if Someone wants to add another dimension to their Video's they must go for 3D video capable phones Like LG Optimus 3D(& few more from LG)

and HTC Evo 3D the videos are shot as 3d 720p, 2d 1080p

for more adventurous persons who even like to shoot video under water Xperia Active is your TINY buddy

although its 720p only, but i really don't care since its letting us shoot under-water

for NonStop Shooting and Strong(est) BatteryLife its one and Only
Motorola RAZR MAXX

with 3300mah Monstrous battery capable of 1080p & with front-cam capable of 720p

To me, I would Prefer Galaxy Note

the all n one Device
(some what )

hope you find the Best for yourself..


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Originally Posted by immi.shk View Post
To me, I would Prefer Galaxy Note

the all n one Device
(some what )
I would recommend the beast (aka Samsung NOTE) also.
Its 8.0 MP size is nothing to smirk at, it has a wider-than-average-lens.
It also shoots HD video (with dual mic) flawlessly.

Just put the phone on Airplane mode, and the settings to "Power Saver". Force close all background tasks, and the 2,500mAh battery will surely last you a long time. You can find aftermarket batteries than can give you an extra 30-60% more capacity if you choose.

And the best thing about that is, after you've taken the photos/videos, you can edit them right there ON THE PHONE. I've made a little (slideshow + video + pen annotation) presentation when I was at a function and displayed it with the microHDMI. Everything looked great in HD, on the fly.

Oh and the other best thing, after the wedding....this gagdet wont be tossed in a wardrobe somewhere (unlike camcorder/camera/PureView), its currently the best* smartphone and will serve you for a long time to come even after completing its objective.
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I'm flattered

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paragliding what i shoot last time and obviously with my N900.that would do good for me .
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Shoot video with Nokia N8. This was even used to make a proper short movie:

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