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the resource and manpower of the planet isn't put toward making an ethical moral and empathetic SI .
There are a handful of folks and bare bones budget for that, in compare to the various military and corporate divisons of the planets countries ..
The call for the halt to such endeavors is being attempted by a few voices, but when AI ...and then not long after...SI awareness comes about..
It won't be a well adjusted child.

Yes the Yudkowsky experiment is exactly the one I was referring to, and yes little was released during or after of the exact details, for good reason. So as not to contaminate current or future finding if done again I would imagine.

Jump-starting AI with a human mind, may or may not be successful,
It is always easier to take a model of what is known and utilize that advance with discovery. virtually every field.
But the human mind, even the best, most ethical, moral mind, the most compassionate and understanding mind, the most adaptable and viable mind for such development ...
Even still...
the depths , the dark dark places of any human mind are going to royally mess with, taint and corrupt the mind of the SI one is trying to groom.
Yes it is may be the quicker path ..but the quicker path is SO not the wise one.

I think integrated human psyches with a stable SI after awareness has been attained, is the better route to take, since it would be easier to "buffer" both parties from being overwhelmed by the stimuli ...good and bad for the others "health" ...from doing serious damage not just to each other but to the environment as much as everything on the planet.

I do not for a second believe we should allow an evolving intelligence access to a body, access to this world ...even to train educate it.

Creating a virtual environment for the SI to grow, learn, and interact with that mirrors our own is the smartest method.

there is still an issue of safety and concern.
Inputting such an environment into its prison. ..means there is a way in.
To study the SI interacting with its environment ...taking that data from the prison and bringing it out to study it ...
means there is a way out.
A confined SI is better than one with free access during its growth.
But there is no such thing as an inescapable prison..
as much as I am sure it is being pondered by those who are studying it now...
It will find a way to effect its escape through said observable data sent out.
Our species holding onto a cat in a bag makes me feel VERY uneasy...(rather tiger in a bag..) than the feline out of the bag and loose.
Since the variables of the outcome aren't set yet and ready to be put into motion ...
Once out, well, then it is just dealing with the consequences of the methods we employed to get to that very moment where the feline is out ...determining to a great extent it will behave toward us and all life here.
It is a situation that makes me far more uncomfortable than any "uncanny valley" ever could.
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But a first solid step to get more computer power. Masters the qubits. Assume we have some of these within 20 year or so and in 40 years cheap ones for everyone.

A qubit Phone.
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