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Maemo ver 2.2009.51-1.002
25.12GB available in Nokia N900
934.5MB available for installable applications

yesterday my N900 stops recieving and sending messages because "Memory Full" I try to open some room by deleting any application, them I realize that I couldn't eliminate any application "not anought memory". After that I move all the multimedia to an external drive and try to restore a backup, but N900 said inclomplete procces because of memory (again).

Now I'm sending and receiving messages, and using N900 as phone fine, but I have not catalog listed for applications (it is blank), and after I insert the information for a new one (as Maemo Extras) it just clean everything again and I'm still getting no catalog listed. Them no new downloads, also no updates.

I'm still using all the applications that I have installed before

I think that if I would be able to restore the old backup I could solve the problem.

Is there any idea?

applications, memory, restore

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