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Nokia’s Return To The Smartphone (Android) Market: Officially Confirmed

Well, they fall to the EVIL Google Empire!!! Cue sad and infuriated remarks.
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Also, surprised? They are making a tablet with Android and their c launcher, aren't they?
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I expect it's another licensing job, Rajeev Suri's been far more enthusiastic about that than actually taking the risks themselves. To be fair, I can't really blame them.

Suri in November: "We are not looking to a direct consumer return to handsets per se ... The Nokia brand is still extremely powerful and we see considerable interest in licensing. We will pursue it ... in a thoughtful and considered way"

So really, is there anything much to see here? Just a Chinese no-name phone to have the Nokia name on the front (with their launcher). Wouldn't expect anything special at all from it.

If Nokia ever tries to do things the Jolla way, then I'll be excited. Until then, excuse my apathy.

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Android is the only option they have to survive in phone market when they will launch their own phone. If Nokia becomes successful, and captures some market share then they can develop their own OS to compete with Android.

And one thing im too much sure that Nokia will be the leader again in Phone market.
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Just another licensed device, the only thing "Nokia" is the name.
Nothing to be exited about.
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Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
Just another licensed device, the only thing "Nokia" is the name.
Nothing to be exited about.
Even that isn't "confirmed".

Only that Nokia is willing to whore its logo for phones as well, if anyone (Foxtron?) is willing to pay enough money to use it for marketing yet-another-Android phone(s).
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Pains me to see them discard the jewels in the house "Fremantle/Harmattan" to pick up sh*t from outside "Android"
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IMO if nokia starts supporting meego again or popularizes the Sailfish OS by forming an alliance with jolla , Then Google can be dethroned from the smartphone empire in mere 3 to 4 years . I would love to see a Nokia phone running Sailfish OS !
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Does Nokia even acknowledge the existence of Jolla and Sailfish OS?

I wish some Jolla employee could enlighten us if Nokia ever contacted Jolla or if Jolla ever contacted Nokia
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All I expect, it's a Nokia N900 form factor!!! That's all!!!!
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