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Has anyone got a link for the chainfire3D because the links no longer working.
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Here it is

Originally Posted by vakkov View Post
It was left on my phone ;D here is a link to
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ok i have some questions relating to installation of nitdroid on N900 and then games in the Nitdroid,

1)i flashed my N900 with 8gb/20gb emmc bin--i want to do a CSSU install first before installing Nitdroid--is that ok?

2)to update to latest power kernel v51--do i have to do this before Nitdroid installation?--it has a kernel and a bootimg--which m not sure in what order to install as it doesn't conflict with boot--or can any other version of power kernel be installed as well?--multiboot that comes with nitdroid autoinstaller or uboot?

3)once partitioning, CSSU, power kernel and Nitdroid is done--where to copy/install the files like chainfires 3d/GGsoul/SetCPU for Nitdroid usuage.

4) lastly, the games to be installed on nitdroid--where to copy the game files--copy while in maemo and then boot into Nitdroid?

hope i can get some help as m confused but eager to install nitdroid.

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Hi to all.after several hours searching,finally i made to run Modern Combat4Zero Hour v1.0.5,I don't know but the game it was maybe from 2013.
I upload archive to 4shared
and apk.file
unrar the first archive to your pc,transfer the second folder "" and to MyDocs/Android/obb (if no have that folder "obb" just created it mkdir -p /home/user/MyDocs/Android/obb)
Transfer apk.file to MyDocs
Load droid,disable wifi,install apk.file(for me i do that with astro manager)start again without wifi the game(you get some mistake,ignore it)again start again the game,but this time with wifi,and play
note:I am with droid 2.3.4 and kernel 2.6.28-07rc7 overclock 500-900,also have option to play multiplayer,but I still have not tried,sometimes the game won't start,reboot after reboot,in this case remove folder "" from MyDocs/Android/data/

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Hi,another game which working on n900.
Iron man 3:
Just follow instructions from link above
Originally Posted by disappear
(if no have that folder "obb" just created it mkdir -p /home/user/MyDocs/Android/obb)
note:when load for the first time game,is there opiton to upgrade,for me i not trying this for now

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It is a great work, nice sharing

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