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Nice job, pichlo! Plain plastic for infrareds is just typical. I should say, too many problems to fix for its price. And I don't want my n900 to be white anymore.

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Indeed, this diary of civilizing after-market housing (be it white or not) was a nice read! Thanks, pichlo.

Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
From the third picture in the second post, it looks like that should be doable, although a closer look shows that it is not straightforward.
The tipping point are the hazy pictures taken with the flash. But, who knows, maybe I'll manage to fix that too and when I do, the result would definitely be worth it!

Either way, I would hava been much happier had I known all of this beforehand.
I'm afraid that it may be also/instead about the fact, that white reflects flash light in all directions much more, than black. If I'm right, replacing the whole camera cover housing might not solve the problem, until you replace it with a black one and opt for dalmatian N900

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Looks cool, still have a white spray paint can left..

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review, white housing

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