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Originally Posted by balisingh View Post
I tried all sort of googling, nothing turned up, i am assuming the 50K or so chinese that got these, are using chinese language websites.

Plus there were reports that it would have an unlocked bootloader. But no confirmation.
AFAIK there is only 2 versions of Nokia N1 currently on sale, Chinese one (without Google services) and Taiwan verion (should be with google.)

If you can manage to get bootloader unlocked and has custom recovery, flashing a GMS service pack is easy.

Otherwise try to get a rom of Taiwan version and flash that rom also will get GPlay.

And the easiest above all, buy something else, there should be a lot of Android tabs better than this.
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Nokia N1 Chinese version 5.1.1 update!
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Don't update to 5.1.1 if you want to have root an unlocked bootloader.
In the Version 5.1.1 Nokia / Foxconn locked the bootloader, so installing root by tethered recovery mode (like in 5.0.2) is not possible anymore....

I have:
Nokia N1 (Taiwan) with 5.0.2, Unlocked Bootloader, Root and Gapps
Nokia N1s (China) with 5.1.1, Locked Bootloader, No Root and No Gapps.

The HW of Nokia N1 is Intel Moorefiled Plattform (Like Jolla Tablet ?)
I ask me, if it would be possible to flash the Nokia N1 withj the Jolla Tablet Image with Intel Flash Tool

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