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I have finally gotten a car again.

I need a good heavy duty holder which will:
1-hold a N900 with a Mugen cover
2-hold the phone securely even in moderately rough off road driving
3-enough flat space over the battery cover area to add a Qi charge pad rather than using USB.

I am open to modding an existing holder to fit. it would be nice if it easily pops shut to hold and open to grab the phone using one hand. I am not sure if I want to drill and tap the floor or use another mount to the vehicle, I am open to suggestions.
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About three years ago I bought this combo:

It holds really well on-road. But I'm not ready to part with my mount. Maybe it's an idea for you to create something similar and better suited for your needs...

GRTX Daniel

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danielronde, that looks great though the otterbox will not fit with the Mugen/double scud battery system as well as the Qi charging mod.
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For secure rough terrain I recommend the brodit A pillar mounts.
There adapter is made to fit the N900 it wouldn't be suitable.
Not sure if they do a universal type that fits onto the A pillar mount.
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