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I am using a Nokia N900.

I want to use an Instant messenger.
One of my friends (who has an Android based smartphone) suggested wire.

However, I think that the N900 is not fulfilling the specs for the browser based access.
I tried to download and built the open source client for wire from github, but did not manage to do that due to openssh related error (" [...] error:1407742E:SSL [...]")

My two principal questions are therefore:

1. Does anyone know, whether it makes sense (is possible) to get wire running on maemo?


2. Which other instant messenger would you suggest in 2018 on the N900?
(Preferably with end-to-end encryption cross plattform.)
I am more than happy for any input and open to any approach, which might help to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance
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In case you're an avid instant messenger, you likely recognize what I signify: "Texting doesn't work for me, does it work for you?" Yet I give off an impression of being headed to turning into a minority, a fuddy-flop opposing the content talk party. Texting, or IM, is getting on with grown-ups bigly as it moves quickly into the work environment, as indicated by ongoing achieve essays reviews.

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