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modRana 0.52.18 has been released !

Still continuing with the theme of smaller yet important fixes and improvements though arguable the switch to SVG icons is actually pretty significant. Not only should the icons in modRana no longer be blurry - ever - but as a side effect the installation package is now just 1.3 MB instead of 1.9 MB, because SVG files compress really well. The installed size savings are less as unpacked SVG files often take up about the same space as the resulting bitmap in PNG format.

Work also continues on the two main planed bigger items, such as abstracting the API modRana uses to talk to the map page, so that an alternative map page based on MapBox GL Native can be added.

Changelog since last time (0.55.10):
* all icons are now SVG and thus resolution independent!
* it is now possible to easily clear things displayed on top of the map
* show distance on POI listings
* fix toggle highlight for centering icon
* show "Route here" option on all point & POI detail pages
* fix layout of search progress popup
* improved on-map button & button text sizing
* show distance to POI in POI detail page
* translation fixes & updates (big thanks to all translators yet again! )

Release status
OpenRepos package has been updated
Jolla Store package has been submitted to QA
modRana: a flexible GPS navigation system
Mieru: a flexible manga and comic book reader
Universal Components - a solution for native looking yet component set independent QML appliactions (QtQuick Controls 2 & Silica supported as backends)

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