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As davisrases says in this post "And concerning the topic for December, this being the month of Christmas, what better topic than "Christmas tree and Gifts". Photos may have both or either one."

And as always...
Photos must be taken during this month (after theme is announced)
Photos must be taken by the posting member
Photos must be taken with a camera phone
Users post only one photo per entry
Users can change the entry only once
Users must name the phone they used

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To Pichlo's question, funny enough, yes I still don't know how to create a thread. True Christmas is culture specific, but I believe there will be a hint of Christmas season everywhere. A mere gesture of gifting bears testimony to Christmas spirit. Where I live, enterprises celebrate Christmas to attract customers even if they are from a different following. So, let your imagination run wild.

It just struck me that the premise of my topic is very small. Let's change the topic to "Everything Christmas"- trees, gifts, cakes, decorations etc.

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December and January went away already... Who is going to specify topic for camera phone competition in February?

Thank you. Best wishes.
Per aspera ad astra...

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