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Hello everyone.

I'm looking to use my N900 as a UPnP Renderer device, but I cannot find anything on the topic. I have Rygel installed, but it seems to be missing the renderer component (or it's not working). Or at least the foobar2000 UPnP plugin on my laptop isn't picking it up (while on the other hand it sees N900 as a server and allows me to browse through it)

Any ideas?

Bit of background: since I'm not using it as my regular phone anymore - and after all it's such a smart little Linux box - I decided not to retire it and instead use it as a rtorrent server / webserver / mediaserver (audio). I keep it continuously plugged in, got rtorrent and lighttpd on. Audio output is directed to my stereo, and i can play the music I've got on the phone and anything the default Media Player picks up on the network via UPnP.

On the other hand, I'm on my laptop around the house most of the time, and I don't really feel like visiting the phone every time I wanna change tracks or change the playlist. I know from experience that the UPnP plugin on my laptop media player (foobar2000) can stream to another UPnP device that exposes itself as a renderer, so I would like to use that and control the music that's going into the phone. As I was saying, I tried rygel, since I knew the gnome version has a renderer component, but it doesn't seem to work on the N900.
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The built-in Media Player is a DLNA/UPnP renderer - if you have a UPnP server on your network, it should show up in the media player and you can play your media from there.

(Unfortunately, unlike the preceding N8x0s, this is only a renderer, it can't be used as a control point to control what's playing on your other UPnP devices.)

If you want to set your N900 up permanently attached to your stereo, you should be able to control it remotely using VNC (running the X11VNC server on the N900 and a VNC client on your PC).

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The weird thing is I can use the Media Player as a UPnP control point (client) to browse through media on UPnP servers, but unable to use it as a UPnP renderer.

I'm using foo_upnp in foobar2000. It has no problem seeing other UPnP renderers...

Is the UPnP renderer not activated by starting the Media Player, or is it a compatibility issue with foo_upnp? Anyone with experience in using the Media Player as a UPnP renderer?
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I'm sorry for ressurecting an old thread, but I would really like to do the same as adancau, and can't find a working solution. So, is there any information on software making the N900 a UPnP renderer?
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Push.....any news?
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I am also looking for such a software but no luck. The only thing that esists allows you to remotely controll players or strem media from the servers on your device. as far as i know you can't controll the media renderer on your n900 remotely
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Is it doable in omp (open media player)??

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