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I just saw the news about one of our members and Community Council, Gido (Win7Mac), passed away waaaay to young...
My condolences to his family and I wish a lot of strength and patience to his family, friends and my fellow tmo users.

His last post here on TMO is stating "you may prefer to keep on believing..."
I would love to keep on believing that he's still here around...

Rest in peace Gido, you were like a brother here on tmo.
We'll miss you, but you'll be always in our heart... <3
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what the crap?!?
Maemoians aren't supposed to die!
We are supposed to become either frivolous carefree b-tards, or crotchety crusty old b-tards...
Nobody here was supposed to die except possibly me...epic and extravagantly too I might add..
Those were rules. Well... what I expected anyway..

talk about coming straight out of nowhere, clocking a good one to the gut and leaving a hole there...
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I have no words.

Giedo personally have put a lot of his personal time into this community, and its members.
Always taking action when needed, despite being hated, or loved, for it.

He have ahad great influence in many of us, and he will be remembered by many.

Condolences to his family and friends.
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RIP buddy. 2016 has struck again. Sad to hear this unfortunate event.

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Too sad. That's just too young. RIP. Condolences to his family and to whom known him personally.
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RIP, Gido. Thank you. Your Jolla C will remind me about you.
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"Good die young"- Tupac Amaru shakur
Sorry for my bad english.
goodbye sailfish os.
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RIP Gido and condolences to his family. Had to revisit Hamberg Wildlife to remember better times:

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Gido was one of a kind, I held him in high respect because of his integrity and vision on how we should organize our community.

Altough I never met him personally I corresponded with him a lot with email and on IRC over the years and am proud to call him a friend of mine... I am saddened by his demise and consider him a friend now far away, farther than I can reach any longer. I hope his soul will find rest and peace in the eternal starfields.

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no words. just silent tears.

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restinpeace, win7mac

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